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Achieve Personal and Professional Success


Without harmony in life, burn out is inevitable and individuals tend to lose focus on what truly matters in their life. Creating the Momentum needed to stay focused takes time, energy, and a plan. When individuals have a timeline with a structured plan based on all aspects of life, their lives improve in ALL areas, having them become more focused, more productive and ultimately more profitable, financially and personally.

The Accelerated Leadership Academy’s Momentum 90-Day Program is perfect for those who seek the motivation or clarity needed to push through to the next level of success. Momentum is designed to create the framework and support for entrepreneurs who are looking to remain sustainable in the areas of happiness, health, and wealth. Entrepreneurs become more aware of how important setting up and managing certain environments will greatly improve the quality of life and increased level of success Momentum can bring to their daily lives.

If you are tired of being unhealthy, find yourself suffering through your days or continuously lack the sales or revenue you desire month after month then join us and let The Accelerate Leadership Academy help you gain your Momentum back.

Strategic Networking

For those of you who love to network and for those who may lean more towards the shy side when you go to networking event The Accelerated Leadership Academy’s Strategic Networking is for you.

Time is money! Networking could be costly and time consuming. It is our own human factors that get in our way when we think we can’t network as well as we could.

At this workshop we show you how to overcome your fear of networking, along with how to network at the right places and how to qualify the people you meet at an event. Learn how to connect with the right people during a networking event and discover what to do before, after, and during the event as well. If you are not comfortable with networking, you should be sure to check out this 2-3 hour workshop that is interactive and will allow you to put into practice many powerful and effective networking tactics.

Mastery Network

The power of many is greater than the power of one. Being an entrepreneur is challenging and being the leader of your company is lonely. Who do you go to for questions or brainstorming strategies? Without having individuals who have been there and done that around, you may be stepping over precious resources and not even realize you are missing something that could be saving you time and money or could be making you more money.

The Accelerated Leadership Academy’s Mastery Network puts you into an environment of like minded business professionals that work together to increase your efficiencies in time and money. Business ownership is volatile and always changing, between employment issues, marketing, or cash flow, anyone of these could cripple or destroy your company if not addressed quickly and strategically.

United we conquer, divided we fall!

We utilize the latest in elearning platforms along with video conferencing to bring your mastermind into your office at least twice a month. It is professionally lead by one of our business mentors and we go through the best practices to ensure your company is ready to scale to the next level.

Strategic Mentoring

The most successful athletes, business icons and leaders all have relied on highly qualified mentors to take them to the next level of their game, business and cause.

Who challenges you to play at the higher level?

We as humans do not tend to see our own blind spots, by not having someone who challenges you in these areas, you are vulnerable to self sabotage. This will effect your time, your money and for many, the quality of their business and personal relationships.

Mentoring will help you gain clarity and focus on the areas that you want to see immediate and long lasting results.

The Accelerated Leadership Academy’s Strategic Mentoring is done in a one-on-one mentoring environment with one of our highly specialized mentors. Our mentors have owned, ran or managed businesses. They bring a high level of education, experience and talent to your strategy sessions. With over an average of 20 years of business experience you will be talking at least 3 times per month with your mentor, discussing strategy, marketing, sales, mindset and accountability. Don’t do it alone, when you have these experts ready to help.

Path to Dialogue

At a young age we learn how to speak, but for most of us we have not be taught how to create productive and effective dialogue when we need it most, usually because our physiology hinders us from using our higher reasoning skills.

The greatest leaders in the world had a common skill, they were able to communicate in a way that built consensus toward a cause! Learn how to build consensus through conscious and mindful communication that will create greater team cohesiveness and productivity.

If you have ever felt that important discussions were not going anywhere and relationships, productivity or profits were being affected than Path to Dialogue is where you will learn to establish an environment of mutual purpose and respect. Learn how to create dialogue dialogue when people are at their worse and come to decisions quicker with and increase buy in from all involved. Turn problems into opportunities by becoming more effective and influential by increasing your ability to lead other to greater success.

The Accelerated Leadership Academy’s Path to Dialogue is a highly experiential, instructional training program where you will learn from master trainers on how to establish mutual purpose and mutual respect in this 2 day workshop. You will be given the opportunity to practice productive communication styles until you have mastered the art of creating dialogue in situations that are less than ideal.

Beyond Limits

Science is now proving what The Accelerated Leadership Academy has studied and taught for years. It’s all about Mindset! We all struggle with success at all levels, even though we may have had similar education or backgrounds. The missing component, which is now being study fully, is Emotional Intelligence. Socrates once said “Know thy Self” and It is as true today, as it was 2000 years ago. We are limited by are own beliefs and these beliefs stop us from taking our game to the next level. Knowing the thoughts are one thing, seeing how they are generated, how they affect our lives and ultimately how it limits our life and business is essential.

By having a deep understanding of our emotions, our limitations and how to move beyond them we gain greater success in our everyday endeavors. The Accelerated Leadership Academy’s Beyond Limits was created with the entrepreneur in mind. We help you gain harmony and clarity in your life, both professionally and personally. With greater clarity you have the opportunity to remove what inhibits you in life, like stress, anger, depression, and frustration which results in greater joy, better health and sustainable wealth.

If you have a hard time identifying your blind spots, would like greater understanding of yourself in key situations and learn how to manage your emotions in the most challenging times than our 2-3 day workshop is for you. We address the areas of life where you want your results to improve and we do this by creating greater self knowledge, emotional intelligence and design a clear vision for the future. This course is highly engaging, very interactive and experiential.

DiSC® Assessment

Every company or new partnership knows how crucial it could be partnering with the wrong people or how expensive and time consuming it is to hire the wrong people for a position. In the corporate world today we know that too many times the solution to the problem is to understand the employees values and talent.

DiSC® is the leading personal assessment tool used by individuals or companies to improve their work productivity, teamwork interactions and communications.

The DiSC® profile is a non-judgemental tool used for discussion of people’s behavioral differences strengths, talents and additional tool for hiring new employees.

If you’re not sure what the strength and weaknesses of a company or individual are or if you keep hiring the people because the interview went well only to discover you placed them in the wrong position, then a DiSC® Assessment present by The Accelerated Leadership Academy is want you need to get it right. Improve your employees productivity and reduce conflicts. Find the leaders and those who empower other employees and influence the success of the company. The DiSC® assessment is a 2 step process. First, there is online assessment that is followed up with a debriefing with a DiSC® specialist.

The Accelerated Leadership Academy is dedicated to providing a safe environment where our members can achieve personal and professional success through the cultivation of mindset, personal development, and community support.

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