How do you make yourself more visible? “I think about visibility as being of two types: push and pull,”said Dr. Mihaela Vorvoreanu, Professor at Purdue University, when conducting a webinar for PRWeb. “Push visibility is the visibility you have when you cut through the clutter and your name (brand, product, etc.) makes headlines. Pull visibility means being visible and available when people need you or search for you. Traditionally,” she said, “PR people have struggled to achieve push visibility, but given the changing landscape of media, of information availability, and information searching behaviors, for most of us, it is pull visibility that will make or break the bank.”

Everyone needs some visibility just to show that you are an active participant in the human race and putting yourself out there for dating or business purposes is how you get started. How do you create visibility?

Whether you’re in a social setting or on the job, don’t assume that you will automatically be recognized or acknowledged. I quickly learned that we need to teach ourselves to overcome any fears we might have of awkwardness or rejection and ask for the things we want and need. I also know that this doesn’t come easy to everyone. We all have our own style. So, to reinforce the right perceptions, you need to continually demonstrate the unique value that you as an individual deliver to your friends, acquaintances, clients, and others.

Many times on the dating scene for example, I’ve heard people say that there are no guys or gals out there, so I ask them what they’ve done about it. What I know is that if you want to find friends, dates, even clients for your business, etc. there is a process to follow and by networking or going to singles events or out with a group where you have common interests, there are many ways you can expand your circle of people.

On the job, “Forbes Magazine” says that in most companies, you’re probably not going to get ahead just by doing a good job. “To get promoted, you first have to promote yourself. You have to talk about your accomplishments, get out there within your organization and industry, and build a supportive network around you.” This is where visibility can play an enormous role in your professional growth and development.

In business, you obviously want to have a product or service and make people aware of it. There are many ways to do this, but here are a few.

Go to an event where other like people will be hanging out and speak up. Get involved in conversations and use the time to showcase who you are and what you represent.

Use online social media. I think it is safe to say that the majority of the population is connected to some form of Internet media. Use it to your advantage.

Literally, move yourself off the couch and go to seminars or venues to meet people. You may find that you will go to an event to find a date, but you end up with a business partner. It happens.

Go for your neighbourhood coffee shop at times seat relax read a book , great way to meet your community.

Attend or create your own group for networking or being around people with common interests.

Whenever something is happening in your community or your industry – go! Make sure people know about you and remember you. I like to send a greeting card or handwritten note for a special occasion or holiday or even a postcard to promote myself. Stay in touch with people and make sure they remember you.

To get known at an event in a positive way, your body language should say that you’re confident and open to talk. Avoid fidgeting or you’ll look too nervous or leaning on furniture like a security blanket. Have you ever noticed when some people use a podium to speak from they never move from behind it? They seem physically and certainly attached to it.

If you are truly interested in making people connections, make sure your cell phone isn’t where your attention is. You should be yourself, but you should also work to maintain a positive vibe and to stick to topics that are interesting and light. When you finally get the attention you desire, talking should be a shared experience. Engage others in the dialogue by asking easy questions that others can answer. You can maintain a good conversation by showing off your sense of humor or mentioning something interesting that you read about or saw in the news. Use every platform to communicate what you want to be known for because it’s going to take more than a smile and eye contact. Who wouldn’t want to get to know that interesting person … you!

I’m a firm believer that you have to love yourself to attract anyone. If you look as if you are already happy with your life, it makes you attractive to other people whether it’s personal or business. If you appear desperate to find someone who you think will make you feel more confident, more vocal, or boost your self-esteem, that’s not going to work.